In July 2015, while attending the Southwest Believer's Convention in Fort Worth, Texas, The Lord spoke to me and told me to start a christian school, In shock of what I heard, I began writing down the name of the school, Christ Academy, and what would soon become our purpose, "Founded in Faith, Growing in Faith. 


Despite the hope of postponing this assignment, there was a great sense of urgency to quickly begin. So, I began. I knew in my spirit this must be done, and done quickly. Prayerfully taking steps of faith into the unkown, I started the journey of founding the first christian academy in Jackson County. 


When I asked the Lord why a christian school, He told me His plan: To change the generations one student at a time. I realized that God's desire was to win back the future generations for Himself and I am honored to be a part of the plan. 




"Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

    Hebrews 11:1

                 FOUNDED IN FAITH.




Christ Academy students will spend many hours in service to our community and abroad as a part of their curriculum. It is important to note that being a teenager today is very different from being a teenager a generation ago.  Our students face an entirely different set of challenges related to technology and an ever-evolving world.

At Christ Academy, we believe Christian teenagers grow more by sharing their faith and seeing others come to know Christ as Savior. Once they've experienced that joy, they will feel more secure in their own relationships with God.  This is the greatest victory with our missions in education curriculum. 

Students who are active in our missions in education curriculum not only learn more about biblical truths, but they also learn how to apply them in their daily lives and they have opportunities individually and in groups through serving others locally, globally, and internationally. This includes the opportunity to share their faith in Christ in a variety of ways and in a variety of settings.



"I believe that Christ Academy will provide my child with an excellent education that focuses around God and will bridge the gap between elementary and high school.  It's comforting to  know my child will have people who truly care and want to see them thrive in life."


"Christ Academy will be a great opportunity for kids in our community.I feel this will help our kids make the right choices today and later in life, all because of the teaching they get at a Christ -centered school. Christ Academy will reinforce what I teach my children at home. I am a parent that believes if God is in it we can't fail."